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Tunable Digital Capacitor Arrays (TDCA)

Tunable Capacitor Product Selection Guide

WiSpry has a broad range of tunable RF capacitor devices available. Each single chip device contains 3 or 4 Tunable RF series capacitors. This flexible architechture enables you to build a complete Tunable LC network using one single WiSpry device. Larger capacitance values can be achieved by combining capacitors. All devices features MIPI RFFE2.0  interface with selectable USIDs, industry’s highest Q, the widest impedance coverage and lowest loss, as well as the highest capacitance tuning range available.

In the past, a compromised fixed tuning solution offered a workable performance level that, with antenna regionalization, could be sold in different geographical markets.

With the introduction of new LTE bands extending the required frequency range down to 700 MHz and up to 2700 MHz, we have reached a point where, especially in low band, a compromise solution is no longer technically feasible and a new technology must be applied. The solution is to make the antenna system dynamic instead of static and go from “always compromised” performance to “always optimized” performance. And there is no better way implement tunability than with WiSpry’s LTE solutions.
The unbeatable combination of simple to use single voltage operation, ultra high linearity/IP3, and highest Quality factor (Q) performance coupled with a single chip implementation in CMOS makes WiSpry LTE tuners and tunable capacitors your best solution for modern form factor LTE devices with excellent RF performance, restoring design margin while improving performance, reducing power consumption and increasing manufacturing yields.

SW1050 ChipWS1050: Three Capacitors in One Chip

The WS1050 tunable RF capacitor combines three individually controllable and configurable capacitors into a single chip. The new chip reduces cost, board space and design time while improving linear performance and design flexibility. The WS1050 delivers performance equaling a fixed passive component network, the industry’s highest Q, the widest impedance coverage and lowest loss, as well as the highest capacitance tuning range available. The linear performance of the chip offers full power LTE third harmonics as low as -150dBc which is typically 30 dB better than other solutions. Support for up to eight USIDs allows for multiple tuners per system. The WS1050 is optimally suited for antenna tuning, particularly applications including carrier aggregation.


  • Mobile devices including smartphones, feature phones and tablets
  • Wireless infrastructure equipment including basestations, picocells, femtocells, and WiFi routers
  • Current network architectures including LTE and LTE Advanced
  • Future network architectures including 600 MHz
  • Measurement/Test instruments, phase shifters
  • Tunable filters and amplifiers


  • Tune antennas and amplifiers for signal chain gains up to 3dB
  • Eliminates a separate LTE antenna
  • Completely integrated solution saves board space and external component cost
  • Broadband antenna tuning with an SRF above 3.5 GHz




WS1040 Quad Capacitor Single Chip Delivers High Performance Antenna Tuning for Wearables and Smartphones
The WS1040 single chip delivers the highest performance and the industry’s highest Q in an ultra-compact package that is 30% smaller than WiSpry’s class-leading W1050 solution. Support for multiple USIDs and system configuration flexibility in shunt or series mode enables maximum circuit design flexibility.
WS1040This Tunable RF quad capacitor addresses numerous antenna challenges facing wearable device designers. The single chip enables real-time control and adaption to the electrical signal environment. In addition, the WS1040 allows an electrically small and physically thin antenna used in a wearable device to tune over a wide frequency range, enabling OEMs to expand their product lines into global markets. 


WS1041 Boasts Widest Range of Antenna Aperture Tuning Performance
The WS1041 tunable RF quad capacitor array offers voltage handling up to 80V for aperture tuning applications requiring the highest Q and linear performance. The single chip contains four capacitors that can be configured in series or shunt, enabling RF designers to address every antenna aperture tuning circuit configuration. The four independent capacitors on-chip allow a parallel combination for higher capacitance, or a series connection for higher voltage handling.
WS1041Antenna aperture tuning applications typically require a lower total capacitance combined with highly accurate control and higher voltage handling. At the same time, aperture tuning devices used for Carrier Aggregation (CA) must not generate harmonics or lower the Q of the antenna system, as this would counter the benefits achieved by tuning. The WS1041 addresses these requirements perfectly with third harmonic as low as -150dBc, which is typically 30 dB better than other solutions, and a typical Q of 150 at low band and max capacitor setting. 


WS1042 Is the First RF Capacitor for Tunable Filters in Consumer Wireless Applications
Combining the smallest step size, highest Q and extreme voltage handling, the WS1042 tunable RF quad capacitor array is optimized for tunable filter applications. This passive, non-fixed device enables RF designers to build adaptive frequency wireless networks, leveraging the highest possible Q available. The WS1042 boasts very high linearity, enabling the chip to be used in both in receive and transmit chains. Capacitance step size is 25 fF – the smallest step size in the industry and the WS1042 can change filter center frequency in less than 20 us. Exceptionally high voltage handling as high as 100V further cements the WS1042 as an industry first.








Datasheets, application notes, setup guides, simulation models and other design tools are available in the ftp section of the website. Contact WiSpry to learn more about the best option for your evaluation needs.