Antenna tuner evaluation kits are available in different shapes and forms. All WiSpry evaluation kits come complete with software, drivers, de-embedding data, PCB reference design files, simulation models and application notes to help you get going fast. ADS simulation help, customized software and general application support such as design and layout review are also available upon request. The USB interface board provides power to the device and the control software supports MIPI RFFE2.0 operation with multiple USID.

WiSpry evaluation kits are the most comprehensive and easy to use kits available for control of tunable RF components. Kits will ship with a choice of daughter board depending on what device is being evaluated. The USB – RFFE2.0 interface can be used to interface with any WiSpry device and is connected via a standard USB port to a PC. Accurate de-embedding data files are available for the connector & trace sections.

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