One of the key steps to realizing the full potential of MEMS technologies is to leverage the wealth of expertise, know-how and manufacturing capacity afforded by the worldwide semiconductor industry. WiSpry’s fundamental approach has been to develop a process that is not only compatible with that of leading semiconductor “Fabs”, but is explicitly designed to map directly onto their existing process steps. The result is a leading-edge product design, at standard CMOS price level.

WiSpry’ s technology foundation is a design library of proven components and CMOS-based processes which form the heart of our flexible, high performance manufacturing process. This approach allows us to use high volume, low cost commercial facilities that can supply the necessary demand at the price points we need to achieve for wide adoption.

Furthermore our process and wafer level packaging innovations permit our MEMS technology to be monolithically integrated with active silicon, delivering the highest possible performance at the lowest possible size and cost.