Corporate Overview

The Future of Wireless is WiSpry! WiSpry is a fabless RF semiconductor company that has developed truly disruptive technologies for the wireless market. WiSpry brings significant performance improvements, size and cost reduction benefits to mobile handset manufacturers and network operators. This is achieved by on-chip integration of dynamically tunable RF elements into mobile handset front-end circuits.

The key to WiSpry’s technology is the integration of patented RF-micro-electro-mechanical–systems (MEMS) devices with industry standard RF-CMOS process flows, thereby enabling convergence of digital, analog, and RF functionality on a single chip.

This integration enables WiSpry’s very high performance tunable digital capacitors to take advantage of the latest advancements in logic and RF-CMOS processes resulting in substantial performance benefits at a cost that leverages the large fabless CMOS manufacturing infrastructure.

Key benefits and value validated by top-tier mobile handset manufacturers include:

  • Antenna tuning for up to 3 dB (+) in RF performance gain in TIS and TRP makes meeting the operator’s specification possible with low-volume smart phone antennas
  • Increase in talk-time and battery efficiency; thus power savings
  • Reduced demand on network infrastructure due to improved receiver sensitivity
  • Reduction in the number of required antennas in multi-band handset platforms.
  • Multiple week reduction in RF design cycle time.
  • The ability to develop a software-tunable RF platform that can be applied towards multiple mobile handset platforms with only minor software changes.
  • Sensitivity gains and increased power efficiency results in lower infrastructure demands in a given geographic area.

Customers developing increasingly complex multi-band and multi-standard smart phone platforms can now take advantage of the superior performance enabled by high-performance, tunable RF using MEMS technology at a cost consistent with the requirements of consumer electronics. WiSpry’s proven software programmable front-end products can greatly simplify the schematic and layout of the smart phone design while saving time, valuable space and improving the RF-performance.

WiSpry as a part of AAC Technologies

Historic Timeline
  • 1999

    WiSpry founding
    Team develop core

  • 2002

    WiSpry founded to develop RF-MEMS switches for mobile phones

  • 2005

    Tunable front-end component
    development project
    for major OEM

  • 2009

    RF-MEMS antenna
    tuner delivered
    to major OEM

  • 2011

    Shipping to major OEM
    in high volume
    smartphone program

  • 2014

    Demonstrated RF-MEMS tunable front-end

  • 2015

    WiSpry acquired by
    AAC Technologies

After pioneering and bringing to market the World’s first RF-MEMS for high volume antenna tuning applications, WiSpry was acquired in May 2015 by AAC Technologies.

As a fully owned subsidiary of AAC Technologies we are in the unique position to be able to utilize both the flexibility and agility of a small, fast moving technology company and at the same time support our customer base with financial strength and market reach of a large global technology company.

AAC Technologies is the world’s fastest growing Micro-Component Solutions Provider with a strong focus on providing the customer with system solutions that enables both today’s leading smartphone designs and tomorrows connected internet devices. With RF-MEMS technology quickly becoming a critical part of the mobile device communication chain, it is easy to see why the combination of macro and micro electro mechanics components enable so many new RF application areas.

The classic WiSpry logotype with the “Powered by AAC” theme reflects this new vision of continued and combined expertise, innovation and strength. As we go forward you can expect to see accelerated innovation in the field of RF-MEMS, tunable RF and new system solutions that makes tunable RF practical, reliable and easy to use.

The broad product range of AAC Technologies includes system solutions for acoustics, haptics, optics, RF and mechanical system integration.

You can learn more about the product portfolio of AAC Technologies here.