Tunable Capacitor Product
WiSpry’s versatile WS1040 contains four individually controllable series capacitors. A fully flexible topology enables you to tune multiple antennas using one single device or use combinations of capacitors to build a multidimensional tunable network. Larger capacitance values can be achieved by connecting capacitors in parallel. All WiSpry devices feature MIPI RFFE2.0 interface with selectable USID, the industry’s highest Q, the widest impedance coverage and the lowest loss, as well as the highest capacitance tuning ratio available on the market. WiSpry capacitors can be used both in series and in shunt configuration.


In the past, a compromised fixed tuning solution offered a workable performance level that, with antenna regionalization, could be sold in different geographical markets.
With the introduction of new LTE bands extending the required frequency range down to 700 MHz and up to 2700 MHz, we have reached a point where, especially in low band, a compromise solution is no longer technically feasible and a new technology must be applied. The solution is to make the antenna system dynamic instead of static and go from “always compromised” performance to “always optimized” performance. And there is no better way to implement tunability than with WiSpry’s LTE solutions.

The unbeatable combination of simple to use single voltage operation, ultra-high linearity/IP3, and highest Quality factor (Q) performance coupled with a single chip implementation in CMOS makes WiSpry LTE tuners and tunable capacitors your best solution for modern form factor LTE devices with excellent RF performance, restoring design margin while improving performance, reducing power consumption and increasing manufacturing yields.

This Tunable RF quad capacitor also addresses numerous antenna challenges facing wearable device designers. The single chip enables real-time control and adaption to the electrical signal environment. In addition, the WS1040 allows an electrically small and physically thin antenna used in a wearable device to tune over a wide frequency range, enabling OEMs to expand their product lines into global markets.

Datasheets, application notes, setup guides, simulation models and other design tools are available. Contact WiSpry to learn more about the best option for your evaluation needs.

Customization services for your requirements are available including licensing and support options for custom integrations.