Designing RF-MEMS has not been without its challenges. RF performance and environmental requirements are very “unforgiving”. Meeting the stringent requirements using low-tolerance components and cost constraints demanded of mobile wireless and handset components has required a laser-like focus on long term reliability and design-for-manufacturability (DFM). To meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, WiSpry solutions have been engineered with reliability & manufacturability as an intrinsic part of the design.

Using many of the benefits inherent in high volume standard silicon manufacturing processes, WiSpry leverages industry standard reliability and statistical process controls, to overcome key manufacturing challenges unique to MEMS.

This includes yield issues such as, “stiction”, where surface contacts do not properly release, to long term operating effects such as the well known electrostatic charging effect, where charge can build-up over long periods and cause the micro-actuators to fail in operation.


WiSpry Devices Undergoing Reliability Tests

Unique and patented technology such as WiSpry’s, patented tri-layer beam design, coupled with a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and experience , allows us to build reliability in as a structural design feature. This guarantees reliable, repeatable performance for WiSpry’s devices in wireless applications and beyond.