MEMS Digital Tuning Structures

At the heart of WiSpry’s product innovations is our high performance Tunable Digital Capacitor technology based on common MEMS structural elements. WiSpry’s process and design library methodology have laid the foundation for a range of innovative and highly integrated RF devices using our core MEMS technology.

The MEMS Digital Capacitor concept takes these advantages to the next level. WiSpry’s design permits the creation of high density capacitor arrays, which deliver a very precise range of capacitor values, in turn enabling a very wide tuning range Complementing this innovation is our high performance RF interconnect and RF transmission line design that ensures an extremely high Q, and low loss design that translates well into application performance

Features of WiSpry’s tunable RF technology include:

  • Separate Signal and Control Path
    • – High isolation delivers excellent RF performance
    • – No Coupling of Control Signal into RF Path
  • Patented Beam Structure Improves Isolation & Reliability
    • – Eliminates “charging” effect, improving reliability,
  • Precise High-Ratio Digital Capacitors
    • – Wide range of values available
    • – Common device structure size ensures high yield