SkyeModule Nova UHF RFID Module Leverages WiSpry Tunable RF Technology to Improve Tag Read Range and Save Energy

Jan 29, 2015

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WiSpry, Inc., the leader in high-performance tunable radio frequency micromechanical (RF MEMS) semiconductor products for the wireless industry, today announced that SkyeTek, Inc. has leveraged the company’s adaptive antenna tuning technology to develop the first RF MEMS-enabled radio frequency identification (RFID) reader. The compact SkyeModuleTM Nova features WiSpry’s RF MEMS products, automatically correcting impedance mismatches between the reader and the antenna.

“SkyeTek has stepped outside the box to advance the field of UHF RFID, and we are very pleased that WiSpry technology enabled this significant advancement”

Competing RFID readers have difficulties achieving maximum range with real world antennas and either consume additional RF energy or simply won’t work at full range. With the tunability and low loss of WiSpry RF MEMS, the SkyeModule Nova RFID reader optimizes the match between the antenna and reader without sacrificing power or range. This allows the system to run with more efficiency, generating less heat and saving energy even at long read ranges. The combination of efficiency and long read range will help RFID into new applications previously unthinkable. SkyeTek was able to design a revolutionary product for the RFID market by taking advantage of WiSpry’s low power, exceptionally high Q tunable RF MEMS-based products.

“The WiSpry MEMS Digitally Tunable Capacitor Array has allowed us to provide adaptive antenna tuning without significant reduction in module output power,” said Mark Matlin, Sr. RF Engineer, and antenna tuning project manager. Brad Alcorn, Director of Product Development, added, “The WiSpry part has allowed us to tune over a significant range of impedances with a single part. This would not be possible with any other device we are aware of.”

“SkyeTek has stepped outside the box to advance the field of UHF RFID, and we are very pleased that WiSpry technology enabled this significant advancement,” said Jeff Hilbert, CEO, president and founder of WiSpry, Inc. “This type of innovative thinking and partnering is at the root of our company. We are eager to see where SkyeTek – and other customers – apply our tunable RF technology next.”

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Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., WiSpry, Inc. provides tunable RF products that revolutionize wireless technology. The fabless RF semiconductor company utilizes microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology to design reconfigurable products, enabling wireless product and infrastructure manufacturers to support higher performance, next generation multi-band and multi-standard device and network architectures. Leveraging standard RF-CMOS process flows, WiSpry integrated components and modules deliver optimal flexibility and tunability without sacrificing performance. WiSpry is backed by a global group of investors specializing in innovative technology for growth markets. For more information, visit

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